Works in light


Continuous evolvement

energyplus is a pioneer Hellenic firm whose exclusive activity lies in the field of the pv market. It was established in 2006. Ever since, its object has been the installation of new pv plants as much as the trading of high quality equipment.

Structural and financial independence enable energyplus to effectively take advantage of the opportunities emerging in the global energy market.

Having established strong connections with globally respected providers and watching closely the technological innovations, energyplus ensures the most competitive prices to the benefit of its clients.  


Combining know – how and specialization

We respond to the expectations of our clients by saving time and money for them. 

Our years of experience allow us to select amongst the most trustworthy European wholesalers in order to obtain optimum pricing and punctual delivery.

Alternatively, always pursuing our client’s best interest, we provide equipment directly ordered from factories and we deliver it timely at the desired location.


Complex needs effective solutions


energyplus takes on all stages of the licensing procedure for field pv installations.


As each project has its own complex needs, energyplus specially trained personnel accurately implement the most efficient plan for your installation.

We, in energyplus, guarantee the adequacy of each construction that will safeguard the trouble-free, high performance of your pv plant for many years to come.


Envisioning the future

It is common knowledge that even the most qualitative pv equipment will register a declining performance after years of use. In many cases, defects in construction and / or equipment accelerate the expected drop in production. Unfortunately, the better the FIT (Feed In Tariff) for the production, the highest the loss in your income.


Building partnerships