Envisioning the future

It is common knowledge that even the most qualitative pv equipment will register a declining performance after years of use. In many cases, defects in construction and / or equipment accelerate the expected drop in production. Unfortunately, the better the FIT (Feed In Tariff) for the production, the highest the loss in your income. 

Yet, energyplus can regain maximum performance in your production at minimum cost: First, energyplus experts will visit your installation to study the performance standards and potential of your equipment. Then, you will be given an offer to peak performance. Cost analysis and reimbursement schedule will be attached to the offer. The offer being accepted, either for small range improvements or for a full-scale equipment replacement, minimisation of initial cost can be achieved, by selling your used equipment to energyplus.

Last but not least, even if you totally replace your equipment, your production will not stop – not even for a single day!